Gift Bag “Thinking of you/Stay strong"

Luxury gift bag for person who has hard time. Products are siutable also for people with cancer.

Products are packed in hand made gift bag with front pocket for card.

Bag measurements H x W x D: 25cm x 27cm x 8cm (10" x 10.5" x 3")


This lovely Handmade and Eco friendly Bag includes


Cleansing milk

This ultra mild and gentle cleansing milk washes away dirt, debris easily while not irritating dry, sensitive or mature skin. Precious rose hip oil and glycerine protect the skin from dehydration and help maintain the skins water barrier. Skin is left looking and feeling healthy, soft and silky.

Use: Double cleanse evening. (First cleanse – circular and upwards movements at least for 30 seconds, take of with damp make up remover wipe, Second cleanse – same movements. This time you can remove it just with running water). If you done thoroughly your double cleanse evening. Morning you don’t need to use any products just clean your face with running water.


Make up remover wipes – Use one per cleansing

Eco friendly makeup removal wipes with 100% cotton on one side and bamboo towelling on others. Including lovely bag for storage of clean wipes and also bag for easy wash in washing machine.


Cuticle oil and Nail file

Often cuticle oils only hydrate but the Elim Cuticle MD is a remedy for dry and damaged cuticles, feeding, hydrating and protecting at the same time. Oils are normally limited to a combination of 3 but with the Elim Cuticle MD you get the purest of 10 oils, all in one bottle.


Elim Pumice Buffer

Your Daily 30 second Foot Exfoliator.

To Keep heels smooth, apply a small amount of liquid soap to your wet pumice stone while in the bath or shower and gently exfoliate the rough skin on heels.  Dry feet and apply cream for lasting results.


Heart Bookmark

Mark book page for lovely continue of reading.


Heart and Wooden message

Can be used as lovely keyring or nice home decoration.

Gift bag "Thinking of you/Stay strong"