Gift Bag “Thank you”

Ideal for teachers, friends,... Products are packed in hand made reusable gift bag with front pocket for card. Bag includes:


Bath salt Lavender or Camomile 250g

Handmade, beautifully scented Epsom [Magnesium] salts in Lavender scents. All-natural (no nasties), combined with Himalayan pink salts, vegan, cruelty-free.

Simply add a generous sprinkle (around a tablespoon) to a warm bath, sink in, relax and enjoy.


Elim Pumice Buffer and Nail file

Your Daily 30 second Foot Exfoliator.

To Keep heels smooth, apply a small amount of liquid soap to your wet pumice stone while in the bath or shower and gently exfoliate the rough skin on heels.  Dry feet and apply cream for lasting results.


Wax Melt (5 pieces - 6g each)

Not added colors. Including Palm wax, EO: Lavender, Cedarwood, Frankincense.

Their lovely scent is a guarantee for making your home feel even more cosy. Pop them in your wax warmer, cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy the happiness hormone flooding your body.


Zoya nail varnish red

A vibrant medium true red designed to be kind on your nails with nontoxic, 10 Free formula and ultra-glossy finish that dries in a flash and lasts weeklong.


Hydrating Mask 65g

Helps the skin to fight dryness & strengthens water resistance

Eases tightness & flaking

Contains seaweed & fruit extract increase skins metabolism


Heart and Wooden message

Can be used as lovely keyring or nice home decoration.

Gift bag "Thank you" (teacher, friend,...)