Apron for adults/kids 100% high quality cotton

Adults one £20

long 30 inch/ 76cm

wide 23 1/2 inch/ 60cm

pocket: wide 15 1/2inch/ 39cm; tall 7 1/2/ 19cm

Pocket is divided to two 

Kids one £15 (3 - 7 years old)

long 17inch/ 44cm

wide 18 inch/ 47cm

pocket: wide 9inch/22cm; tall 5inch/ 13cm

Pocket is divided to two 


Weight of fabric

Red 121 gsm

Blue 158 gsm

Venner Blend Silver 160 gsm

Spots Red 130 gsm

Flowers 120 gsm

If you buy together adult and kid it's £30


Would you like different color?

Please let me know and I will do my best to accomodate colors.


Kitchen apron Adults £20/Kids £15, Buy Together £30