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Why is cleansing so important?

Cleansing is 50 % of your regiment. So many people do not put enough effort in the cleansing them skin properly. They think that having treatment serum and the moisturizer they put after is going to do the trick. But if you are not cleansing and not creating right environment for those products you are not going to get results that you should be getting.

It’s very important that you spend time to massage cleanser to your face and spend massaging for at least 30 seconds. Getting underneath fine facial hear. That’s what help your skin to stay clean.

If you have a clean skin your pore size stay small. Clean skin is not a skin that make your skin feel tight and squeaky. You DON’T want that because if you have tightness, then you going to have dryness.

And if you have dry outer layer of your skin your treatment serum and moisturizer are not going in and do them job. And not only that. Your oil is not going get out. If you have a dry outer layer and oily underneath. Those pores going to get larger because blackheads, dead cells, bacteria’s and sebum it’s going to build up inside that pore and you going to have larger pores. So it’s very important that you use the right cleanser. And that you are cleansing on daily bases. That’s AM and PM. Particularly PM must be done very well because you’ve been out. You get dirt from pollution and probably make up on your face. Is really important to get right environment ready for skin received the best from products used afterwards.

You have to clean your skin very well for your products to do they’re job. So put the time to it. You must keep your skin soft and supple.

Buy right cleanser today:

For oily, normal skin

For dry and mature skin

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