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What To Expect In My Facial

  • On the beginning I ask you what your concerns are. Will do my best to work on it.

  • I start with double cleanse (cleanse is 50% of your routine). I use no-foaming cleansers only. First cleanse is with cream milk (oil, in cleanser attract oil on your skin and take off make up and dirt particles). Second cleanse can be with milk or gel. Depends how I feel your skin is. (Is it dry and dehydrated? Is it oily?...). More about cleansing you can find here.

  • After that I’ll have a look on your skin through magi lamp to see your skin type and Sub-condition (blackheads, surface-dry, melasma, broken blood vessels,…). To choose treatment to suit your individual needs.

  • Then is time for exfoliation to take off your dead skin. I use Exfoliating mask. Doesn’t have any granules in. Mask include AHA, BHA (absorbs dead skin cells and sebum), papaya extract (gentle buffing effect that helps extract blackheads and impurities from the skin), chamomile (soothes) and lemon peel powder (brightens). You may feel tingling with this exfoliating mask. Is normal and is even for sensitive skin. Exfoliation prepares your skin for better absorbing of products what we put after.

  • Continue with massaging of your skin. I use serums depend on your concerns. By massaging I move serums full of vitamins to deeper layer of your skin but also believe “movement is medicine”. Working on lymphatic system and flushing toxins out, getting oxygen to your skin. Stimulating and firming your muscles by massaging is the best way.

  • After massage I do black head removing if is needed.

  • Depend on your skin I use Fruit complex or Galvanic system.

  • Fruit complex combines several members of AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) and BHAs (beta-hydroxy acids) in a unique liposome delivery system that offers superior efficacy, with minimal skin irritation. Complex Smoothing pitting skin, Reducing pore size, Diminishing wrinkles, Lightening blotchy skin/sun damage/brown spots. Because is complex (Contain Glycolic, Lactic, Citric, Malic, Tartaric acid) it working on different level of skin. You may feel tingling but complex is even for sensitive skin.

  • Galvanic system using negative and positive charge. First cleansing skin and second pushing vitamins to the skin and helping with wrinkles. This system is for wrinkles mostly. There are some contraindications such as pregnancy, pacemaker, a broken blood vessels, inflammation skin and thin skin.

  • Continue with applying mask to suits your skin. Finishing with serum and moisturizing cream.

  • If you want to know more about your skin I recommend to watch Nerida Joy. She has a lot of useful videos. One of it you can find here.

Your skin will thank you! Look forward to seeing you soon All the best Maria

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