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Help to Ukraine

Updated: Mar 11, 2022


Thank you so much everyone from bottom of my heart for generous donations.

We together collected incredible £1,851 which is €2,176.72. I donated it to Eparchy of Kosice on the end. They are sorting out hot meals, playing and sleeping areas for refugees. It's more direct way to help them.

If someone missed my donation you can directly send money here. If you struggle to do it don't hesitate to contact me. Or if you send money to me (details on bottom) I am sanding money to them regularly. You will be able to find proof of it here later on

Many thanks

At the moment on board voluntaries are waiting for refugees. Every 10mins come new family. Day and night. They sorting out temporary accommodation in local villages where people staying for rest. Voluntaries are playing with children and pets while adults can sleep/rest uninterrupted. Even police are playing with them.

They sorted out toys and coloring books for them.

After that helping them to go where they ask to. If they have somewhere to go such as family in Slovakia, Czech republics, Germany,.. they have buses and trains for free in Slovakia.

If they don't? Ordinary people with big heart are offering them accommodation.

Schools already looking for Ukraine teachers to integrate children who are staying in Slovakia.

Towns are organizing blood donations events for injured Ukraine soldiers.

They are short of voluntaries for everything. Cooking hot meal, playing with children (they looking for Ukraine speaking people mostly), sorting out clothes and giving some bundle each family. Voluntaries are on train and bus stations to direct them where to go. Some of them are working 24 hours because no-one will come to take them places. Bless them...

BTW they are short of hats, scarf, socks and gloves. I know some UK organizations is going to send clothes.

If you would like to follow them on Facebook:

most of it is in Slovak but maybe your phone will translate it automatically

Thanks again to everyone.

Is hard time. Hope for nice end.

With all my thankfulness ,


Original post:

Today when I was making coffee was thinking that some of us doesn't have that home conform anymore.

They had to run from them home to safe they're life's. They are waiting on board and they don't even know where they are going. Frighten woman with babies and kids without support of husbands who had to stay and went to army.

Some of you may know that I am from Slovakia. We are neighbors with Ukraine and at the moment they are waiting 12hours to cross our board. Red Cross asking anyone who can come and help.

I am not able to come but I would really like to help.

Our Church in my home town is asking about help - physical and financial. They will buy toiletries, can food, blankets,...

Next weekend they going there to help. It's just over 2 hours to drive to board from my home town Spisska Nova Ves.

I will be sending money on Thursday 3rd March.

If you are able and want to help, any penny is counting.

I know that some of you are not able. I completely understand, please pray for peace.

Thanks a lot for reading


My bank details if you want to help is

Maria Vansacova

Nat west



Please add note "Ukraine"

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