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Get rid of warts and verrucas naturaly

When I was little if someone had warts my grandma used to rub over it some plant.That plant calls "Greater Celandine" Scientific name: Chelidonium majus.

"Is important to use it when plant has first flowering on spring. In that time plant is the strongest." She always told us.

The milky juice from the fresh plant is typically applied to the wart once daily and allowed to dry.

How to identify

Greater celandine is a tall plant. It has custard-yellow flowers, similar to those of a buttercup, but its petals do not overlap. It has strongly lobed, grey-green leaves.


So if you want to get rid of your warts naturally this year. Your eyes should be open look for Greater Celandine. You can spot it in Liphook next to train station bridge. Now just wait till it will be flowering 🙂.

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